Kitchen Garden Recipes

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Hot Drinks

How to make delicious hot drinks at home without spending hundreds of pounds on equipment.



Recipes showing how British grown vegetables can be transformed into wonderful snacks and starters.

Single Eton Volcano


Simple, declicious, and wonderful desserts made from fruit and vegetables that grow in the UK

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Cold Drinks

Yummy vitamin packed cold drinks ideal for summer days. Enjoy all year round using frozen ingredients.

Roast Garlic Soup


Soup is an excellent way of eating vegetables and is quick to make. Combine with beans and pulses.

Chocolate Hazelnut Truffles 400 x 400


Indulgent sugary treats for all ages. The emphasis is on enjoyment, with a hint of British grown ingredients.


Carrot Clove Soup

Carrot & Clove Soup

Carrots and cloves create a spiced, sweet, aromatic soup. If you like the flavour of cloves in bread sauce and mulled wine, you may love this soup. For a more traditional carrot soup, just leave out the cloves.

Onion Soup

Onion Soup

Onions make a yummy sweet soup that is said to be good for your body. To really bring out the flavour, I like to melt a hard cheese into the soup just before serving. A classic cheese and onion combination!


Spanish Angulas

Angulas are a Spanish delicacy served as a side dish or appetiser. They are one of my favourite plates, a delicious combination of fish, roasted garlic, and a mouth wateringly hot chilli.

Roast Garlic Soup

Roast Garlic Soup

This roast garlic soup recipe is full of goodness and is delicious too. Roasting the garlic, onion, and carrots brings out their sweetness, transforming the soup into a delicious treat.

Beetroot & Squash Soup

Beetroot and squash are both naturally sweet, full of nutrients, and store well – making an ideal soup for the winter months.