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At its heart, the Home Coffee Shop is a collection of kitchen garden recipes using fruit and vegetables, and turning these into delicious café style side plates and small meals that are enjoyable to eat. See all the recipes.

The recipes are ideal for anyone looking to add more fruit and vegetables to their diet. See the full introduction below. Unlock the recipes and get full access to the Home Coffee Shop by purchasing a pass.

How to Eat Better?

What makes the difference between successfully changing your eating habits, feeling good about what you are eating, and how you are taking better care of yourself and others …


… a failed resolution to change what you eat, where the time you have invested trying to make the change ends up with a horrible realisation that you, and your family, simply do not want to continue?

Is the answer?

1. Your ability to cook?
Nope! Cooking is a process that anyone can follow and get the same results.

2. Your level of determination to see it through?
Nope! Very few people will voluntarily commit to do things over a long period of time that are not enjoyable.

3. Your ability to persuade friends and family to ‘eat the right things’?
Nope! They will likely be on the same journey as you, wanting to eat more healthily, but also wanting to enjoy what they eat. If they refuse, they simply may not like the food, it is not personal to you.

Unfortunately, trying to eat more healthily often results in:

  • A kitchen full of vegetables and fruit that never get eaten
  • Unloved meals where food is left on the plate, whether that is your plate, or the people you cook for
  • The hard work you put in to starting a vegetable patch, turning a few weeks later into an area covered in weeds
  • Arguments with yourself, or your partner and family about what to eat

These are all emotional lows that can make you feel guilty, angry, and sad – and most likely a combination of all three. 

Why Good Intentions to Eat Better Fail

It is helpful to understand why things go wrong:

Enjoying food is important to us
Our lives are stressful, whether it is pressure we put on ourselves, or external factors like work, school, or relationships. Our breaks for food are periods of enjoyment away from this stress. We look forward to food. If food is not enjoyable, we will not continue to eat it.

There are many companies, and some huge companies with enormous marketing budgets, that profit from selling packaged or processed foods. Food marketing companies have spent lifetimes learning how to persuade us to eat their products, and they are very, very, good at it.

We develop eating habits
Our bodies tell us what we want to eat, based on a memory of what we have eaten and our levels of enjoyment. To succeed in changing our diet, we need to add new enjoyable memories. This involves both a commitment to try new things, and a commitment to find recipes that will give us enjoyment.

The Recipe Collection

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The people who succeed in changing their diet are those that find enjoyment in what they eat, and how this makes them feel. The purpose of the recipe collection is to help you find this enjoyment. The good news is that there is way through.

The idea is not to transform your diet with ‘seven days a week meal plans’, but instead, show ways of preparing and enjoying fruit and vegetables in small portions, that can easily be swapped into your existing diet, one portion at a time. 

Rather than a diet revolution, the intention is gradual evolution. Helping you discover interesting new ways of eating fruit and vegetables in individual portions. That is why I have called the recipes the Home Coffee Shop. Just like a coffee shop, the idea is to create an enjoyable experience where you can pick and choose small plates of food, that both taste good and are good for you. And like a coffee shop, if you enjoy the experience, you will want to come back.

About the Menu…

The recipes in the Home Coffee Shop are grouped together to make this easy to do:

Pintxos, or side plates, are small rations of vegetables cooked in the best way I know how. The emphasis is on enjoyment. If they are best roasted, then I roast them, using quality cooking oils like rapeseed or olive oil.

Making homemade soup is a great way of boosting the amount of vegetables you eat. Included are my favourite soups, together with explanations on how to vary the recipes using your favourite ingredients.

Desserts is where fruit comes to the fore. In this age of chocolate, I think the delights of cooked fruit desserts have undeservedly fallen out of fashion. This is one of my favourite sections.

The drinks menu is divided into hot and cold drinks. The hot drinks menu shows how to make coffee stop style continental coffees without spending hundreds of pounds on equipment, or using plastic capsules. The cold drinks menu, in my view, is where the joy is! Featuring delicious fruit based smoothies and yoghurt drinks. Vitamin packed treats!

Finally, there is a treats section. This section really has nothing to do with healthy eating, but I wanted to find space for some of my favourite indulgences.

The Story Behind the Recipes

The recipes originate from my love of allotmenting. I started an allotment in 2006, with a simple aim of growing the healthiest food I could provide for my family. I soon realised that growing food was one thing, finding enjoyable ways of eating through an allotment’s worth of fruit and vegetables quite another! 

Therefore I started a recipe collection, and I had the good fortune to have plenty of advice and ideas from my family in the Basque Country in Spain, where growing and eating the local food is a source of great pride and passion.

If you would like to experiment with growing your own food, you may like to see my other website: allotmentbook.co.uk.

Start Today!

This recipe collection is for anyone wanting to find enjoyable new ways of eating fruit and vegetables. It is about enjoyment, taking locally sourced food and transforming it into dishes that you want to eat. If you are looking for dinner party recipes, or indulgent baked treats, than this collection is not really for you.

Start your journey today by accessing all the recipes in the Home Coffee Shop with a monthly pass for £2.50, about the price of a cup of coffee in a high street coffee shop.

What you get:

  • All the videos in the collection (over 3 hours of easy to follow step by step videos) 
  • All the ingredients and recipe notes
  • No advertisements
  • Easy access through the mobile app

I hope you enjoy the collection, and I wish you good luck in your cooking adventures!


Liam Allotment Book