Juicers & Blenders

Introduction To Juicers And Blenders

Juicers & Blenders

Juicers open up new possibilities for making drinks at home. They are tremendously fast, albeit a little noisy, and can extract juice from even hard fruit and vegetables like apples and beetroot.

Blenders use the whole fruit or vegetable, all of which end up in the final drink. The result is more pulp than drink, and for this reason the blend is mixed with additional juice, yoghurt, ice, water, or milk.

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Introduction to juicers and blenders

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Juicers and blenders are essential equipment for making smoothies at home.

Whilst it is possible to extract juice using hand tools for fruit like lemons, limes, and oranges, an electric juicer opens up a wide range of new possibilities, making light work of hard vegetables like carrots and beetroot, or hard fruit like apples and pears.

It works by pushing the fruit or vegetable onto a circular grater that is spinning at high speed. The juice passes through the grater and makes it way into a collecting jug, whilst the dry pulp is spun into a collecting bin.

Our juicer is quite a big item to sit on a kitchen surface. It has a heavy metal base that contains the motor. When being used, the juicer is quite noisy, but it makes very light work of juicing each piece of fruit or vegetable in seconds.

A chopper or blender uses the whole of the fruit or vegetable, body and all. The body remains in the drink (like orange juice with bits), and for this reason it is common to add extra fluid like juice, ice, water, yoghurt or milk.

Having both a juicer and a blender is an ideal combination as the two machines complement each other. The juice extracted by the juicer can be drunk simply as juice, but it opens up creative possibilities by combining with blended soft fruit to make scrumptious smoothies. Sweet juices like carrot, beetroot, and apple are particularly good to mix with summer fruit like raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries – all mixed together to make an unforgettably yummy drink.